There are a ton of spots to visit in Arizona – from respecting the Grand Canyon to encountering social vacation destinations all through its desert scene.

We’ll take a gander at the best urban communities, public parks, and outside attractions, and afterward wrap up with a unique additional items segment leaving you with a lot of motivation for your impending excursion to Arizona.


Phoenix is the bright state capital of Arizona. Situated in focal Arizona, Phoenix is encircled by mountains and desert scenes. Its area appears to be impossible for a city, with high rises and lavish lodgings shooting up from what (before 1881) was once sand and residue. Notwithstanding, its ambiguous appeal is all essential for Phoenix’s appeal.

Phoenix is the most ideal getaway destination in Arizona for a major city experience. The city is overflowing with imagination and attractions, including more workmanship displays than you could find in an entire week.

Phoenix is additionally home to the Musical Instrument Museum, Natural History Museum, Phoenix Bat Cave, and Desert Botanical Garden.

Lake Havasu City

If Phoenix is best for a big-city-feel, Lake Havasu City is best for the opposite. The tiny city sits next to Lake Havasu, which is fed by the Colorado River and is a hot spot for watersports and relaxation.

Nature lovers and those looking for a quiet base in Arizona will love Lake Havasu. The city has a slow pace, and its lakeside location is a pleasant change from Arizona’s dry desert landscape. There are plenty of outdoor activities and attractions, including Lake Havasu State Park and London Bridge. London Bridge is an architectural wonder transported from London in the 1970s and there is a distinct English feel in the London Village.

You can spend your days fishing, enjoying the footpaths and green space around the city, or swimming and boating on the lake. Don’t forget to check out the Lake Havasu Lighthouses that span the shoreline..


Tucson is Arizona’s second-biggest city and is brimming with social variety and what should be done. In the event that you need an alternate Arizona experience, we suggest visiting Tucson.

Tucson sits simply over the US-Mexican line in Southern Arizona. Because of its area, the city has a great deal of Mexican impact. One of the top spots to visit San Xavier del Bac is a Spanish Catholic Mission. This public noteworthy milestone was established in 1692 and invites in excess of 200,000 guests each year. The congregation is viewed as the best Spanish Colonial engineering in the United States.

You’ll track down many new encounters and submersion open doors, from the city’s cooking to its societies. You should attempt some Mexican food while visiting.

Tucson is likewise home to the University of Arizona. As a college city, guests can partake in an additional amiable, well disposed environment – particularly in the downtown area. While, right external the downtown area, you’ll find attractions like Saguaro National Park and Arizona Sonora Desert Museum (more on them later). Tucson is a tomfoolery, new city to visit in Arizona. For a prologue to Southern Arizona, don’t look no further.


Flagstaff is a little city in Northern Arizona and is otherwise called the doorway to the San Francisco Peaks and the Grand Canyon. Flagstaff is one of the most mind-blowing spots to visit in Arizona to be halfway situated among the vast majority of the state’s normal attractions.

You can spend your days enthusiastically investigating every one of the close by attractions. On the other hand, remain in Flagstaff for the afternoon and go to the city’s notable midtown. You’ll find a brewery trail, superb cafés, and the Flagstaff Visitor Center. Make sure to bring a camera too, as you’ll coincidentally find a lot of road workmanship and extraordinary photograph spots.

Flagstaff is encircled by both desert and timberland. Coconino National Forest wraps the city and is the biggest Ponderosa Pine Forest on the planet. For a city where you can without much of a stretch require a roadtrip into nature, Flagstaff is an optimal spot to visit in Northern Arizona. Look at our aide on the best lodges in Flagstaff for convenience motivation.

Best National Parks To Visit In Arizona
What might an outing to Arizona be without visiting a public park? Arizona’s public parks are eminent for their mind blowing attractions, including the popular Grand Canyon.

You can investigate the climbing trails, trekking trails, take going 4×4 romping visits, or book a picturesque helicopter flight – it really depends on you. These are the best public parks to visit in Arizona.

Saguaro National Park

We’ve briefly mentioned Saguaro National Park already. The park is located just outside Tucson. It is a great place to visit for stunning scenery and hiking trails while visiting Southern Arizona.

The park is most known for its cacti. Indeed, in this national park, you’ll find some of the largest saguaro cacti in the US. Some of the cacti live up to 200 years old and grow at a very slow rate. The national park feels like an old American West movie scene and has over 90,000 acres for you to explore.

Whether you choose a scenic drive or hike, booking a rental car to visit Saguaro National Park is the easiest option. Valley View Overlook Trail is a nice short walk that should take you around 20 minutes to complete, while hiking to Signal Hill Petroglyphs is a must for anyone interested in ancient art and civilizations.

Petrified Forest National Park

Assuming the Petrified Forest National Park sounds incredible, this is on the grounds that it is. In any case, on the off chance that you show up expecting a lavish woodland brimming with lovely, fascinating trees, you’ll be stunned. The public park is a fruitless scene, loaded with fossils and froze, cut tree trunks.

The froze wood is dispersed across the public park, and you can drive the length of the recreation area in close to 60 minutes – halting at anything spot grabs your attention. Some not to miss places incorporate Rainbow Forest Museum, the Crystal Forest climb, and the Blue Mesa climb.

Considering how this normal peculiarity happens? Petrification of trees happens when trees have been covered underground without oxygen for millennia. After some time, the rotting wood becomes mineralized and transforms into fossilized stone, making a careful copy of the first structure, simply in an alternate material.

For a special normal encounter, Petrified Forest National Park is one of the most outstanding spots to visit in Arizona. We suggest picking this public park for anybody charmed by regular ‘secrets’ and needing a noteworthy involvement with Arizona.

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